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As in a mic check.

Since I really need to confirm anyone’s presence.

Ahoy lucky readers, it’s been a painfully long time since I last stopped by these streets. So long. So.so.damn.long.

What can I say? I underestimated the importance of steadiness. Balance. Holding yourself accountable to a routine. Never giving up on said routine no matter how tough it gets. Finding a creative outlet to avoid spontaneous combustion. Dancing like you don’t give a WHAT whether you’ll be a (/ˈmiːm/ MEEM) or not.

So I’ve found my way back here.

Mostly for me and my sanities.

YES plural!

Hope you’re all still golden.

Wish I was Here

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There I am ready for my close up

a monotone figure creeping around on gravel.

I’m loving this shot for its simplicity, but most of all for the view( that AMAZING lake view)

You can tell I need some R&R bad huh?

Yes and no.

My time to gallivant the globe will come, but for now I’m just sitting up in my room..anxiously awaiting Zach Braff’s new flick.

and a place to live come August 1st.

You can file this post under london life and hashtag it nutterbutterlease.

Wish me luck!

Letting the kettle sleep

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It turns out a part of me died the second I turned 30.. the cognitive part of my tired brain that happens to store my wordpress password.

Also, I was blissfully living the life of a bum.

Oh sure I could easily recount the average time spent: cuddling, scoffing buckwheat pancakes, studying David Regelin videos, bookmarking  ankle boots, self medicating with echinacea drops and planning holiday menu’s- there will be a fine selection of nuts and fancy water, this much I know!

But I was told not to.

So I won’t ok, I WON’T!

I’d miss good, good scotch

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Since Elephant journal has been my second home lately..

I thought it appropriate to bring you THE ultimate F*ck it list by Kathleen, my new-found heroine who intends on YOLO-ing the shit of out her life..her words not mine.

Though these past 11 days have sped by like a Flash Gordon moment, I kept running into not-so-subtle reminders that it is well and truly time for me to sort out some repressed memories (cabbage patch dolls for one; eeeeek!) and finally start giving back.

Not just talking it up, but actually walking the walk.

I’ve been secretly obsessing over Africa Yoga Project; because well, just swoon!

Say Aha!

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I interrupt our irregular and ill-conceived program  to bring you a little gem  I discovered earlier this week; House on Loon Lake.

An ode to curiosity, secrets, exploration, haunted houses , letter writing, dubious folk and trinkets too.

If you’re not a lifelong devotee of This American Life after listening to this, then you probably  have no business frequenting this sacred space.

Happy Sunday!

50 shades of geek

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Every now and then a week drops so much knowledge on you, you can’t help but share;

  • Sleeping is what the cool kids do to stay upright and lucid.
  • Only JCrew the Great can get away with using like a champ.
  • Why did it take you a full 140 minutes of The Great Beauty to discover the Torino Ensemble? Huh why?
  • Whole Foods holds the power to bankrupt you one day.
  • You may never grow into the mushroom hair look/cut.
  • Drop repository into a sentence and watch the magic unveil.
  • Read. the. f*&%*ng. care. instructions. before. washing. a. designer.dress. you. idi$*!!
  • Who is this E person and how do I track this wise woman/child/ man down?
  • Ok Charlie Hunnam, you got me. Time to tackle that chick lit crap.

Something like this, but not this


b593947afcf8858df21e661bb206cfc6Vogue ’00

To quote the always enjoyable Casper, “Can I keep you?”

Carmen’s look that is. Not the bodies. I’m no crazy kidnapper.

Though I have no where to go- a self-imposed house arrest and cleanse- will do that to a person- workin’ it Mad Max style in the semi-privacy of my own quarters will have to do for now.

With the record high temperatures we’ve been having, I doubt anyone would respond to the wailing of someone decked in all leather everything..

So a flimsy night gown will have to do.

Happy Blazing days!

Marigold monologue

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I spent most of the weekend in an 8×6 inch bubble and I never once burst out/bust a move? That whole thing about no man being an island has always made as much sense as a Taylor Swift love song.

So I put my faith in the man and googlebot (sadly at 1am last night) and discovered those wise words date back to the 17th century.

Back when life expectancy was a whopping 36, and women were publicly flogged for unspeakable crimes..

Taking part in politics and such.