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I may need to be schooled on patience

I absolutely need to be schooled on patience.

Yet that hasn’t, nor is it likely to stop me from going with my gut.

Like Captain Kirk* I’ve found that it’s up to you whether you want to play by everybody else’s rules or..NOT.

The past 9.5, 10 weeks have been gut wrenching because I’ve assumed people would come through with their promises, which will always be a rookie move.

Again, much like my good buddy JT Kirk who had to be beat down on multiple occasions**, I learnt the hard way.

It’s ok to say no.

It”s even ok-er to pave your own damn way.

*that’s right born again trekkie here!

**I’m talking the reboot here folks.

Wish I was Here

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There I am ready for my close up

a monotone figure creeping around on gravel.

I’m loving this shot for its simplicity, but most of all for the view( that AMAZING lake view)

You can tell I need some R&R bad huh?

Yes and no.

My time to gallivant the globe will come, but for now I’m just sitting up in my room..anxiously awaiting Zach Braff’s new flick.

and a place to live come August 1st.

You can file this post under london life and hashtag it nutterbutterlease.

Wish me luck!

Letting the kettle sleep

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It turns out a part of me died the second I turned 30.. the cognitive part of my tired brain that happens to store my wordpress password.

Also, I was blissfully living the life of a bum.

Oh sure I could easily recount the average time spent: cuddling, scoffing buckwheat pancakes, studying David Regelin videos, bookmarking  ankle boots, self medicating with echinacea drops and planning holiday menu’s- there will be a fine selection of nuts and fancy water, this much I know!

But I was told not to.

So I won’t ok, I WON’T!




I’ve been slowing things down the past few days


Sleeping in- a rarity for a self-diagnosed insomniac

Falling over- in standing splits/twisted lounge/firefly and laughing it off.

Giving up sugar*

Berating myself over contents of wardrobe.

Gulping down watermelon smoothies.

*for anyone who has ever tried, isn’t this the hardest damn thing ever, child birth included?


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The weather’s been bamboozled, and sidewalks confiscated by hoards of tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the reigning queen and her mignons  yet I’m feeling very content with things; by definition I’ve mellowed out?

Re-reading the Tao of Pooh for the fifth time- HUGELY recommend it- and occasional essays by the amazing Ms Zadie at night.

It’s true what they say, reading makes you a better writer and a snappier dresser if I say so myself.



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There’s a small chance I’ll end up spending Christmas in jail, as my patience is being pushed to the limit.

Let’s just say the owner of a certain property- and I use that term loosely-I cohabit, is failing in her civic duties to provide basic comfort. So in the off chance that I drop kick her in the face, please rally together to arrange my bail. So Tiny Tim won’t be alone for Christmas.

As good old Chet Baker would say, always look for the silver lining. In this case, its the shim shimmery dress (good punch line) borrowed from sister “stylist” who opens her wardrobe to me whenever I have to go out and meet the world   for special occasions. Did I fail to mention that my wardrobe is part So-Cal biker chick, part layer cake Hobo?

Pictures from office party as promised. Underwhelming, over exposed, blurry; sorry I used the wrong shutter speed/f-stop. I’ll say it again. lack of nutrition, i’m sure you can empathize.

Hark the Heralds, its going to be a snow snow Sunday. I’m off to sit in a cosy cafe with a friend. 


Black as Coal Camaro


Rad Men, Its A Mad World, Its a Mad Mad World. C’mon. I get it. You get it. Even The President gets it. Enough with the Mad Men nods already!! You’d have to be living in a pretty air tight-read Amish??- bubble, not to know or love the AMC wunder show.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Hamm. I mean I was cooped up for 3 days straight (2 winters’ ago)because I couldn’t pry myself away from the wooing and the boozing and ooh the innuendo’s. A butter knife could cut straight through… Ahh see a little annoying right?

So in attempt to escape the incessant Mad Men talk (and by talk I mean editorials) I turned to Vogue Hommes. All I can say is; F#^*ing BRILLIANT. Christmas present to self, year long subscription to Hommes. Olivier[Lalanne] you genius you.

Yes I bejewelled a couple of the ads. Part two to come. I’m also feeling oversized flannel, and biker ankle boots lately. The Boys just do it better

Happy Sunday!

Call me Closer


© cococollage

Listening to Nightlands -Suzerain

Reading Wonderland. Making collages.And planning for the week ahead. Sort of. At least in my mind.

Had the best morning all week; catching up (after months of neglecting NY times) with the original Sartorialist himself, Mr Bill Cunningham and his ‘On the Street’ videos. God I love that man’s voice !

ps.the images I do not credit are MINE. Taken by me myself and I. So please do the right thing if you ever intend to use them.