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Short. Sweet. Sabulous.

Aka sandy.

Again, I feel inclined to remind curious and curioser cats that my 5 days in Cyprus were a workation.

Many MANY hours were spent in my decked out hotel room planning the days ahead.

But you won’t find me complaining.

Oh no sireee.

Behold an attempt to put together a pleasant photo diary for you ebuds.

You shine brighter baby



Someone somewhere told me that creating a capsule of things that make you positively giddy will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

Though I could easily have dreamt up this conversation.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

In celebration of International Happiness day*, I vow to put aside personal vendetta’s and general chagrin, spend some one-on-one time with my main squeeze,

and think happy, Happy HAHA thoughts!

I hope you all embrace the warmth and do something you love this fine day.

*yes such a day exists, Wiki it

Point Pleasant

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Noting Hill- walk©cococollage

Nothing like spending an entire day with full-fledged street photographers to reduce your ego to the size of a peanut.*

Not that I minded one bit, its been a while since I’ve had time to wander the streets, pondering the A to Z of composition, without being consumed with guilt. Workaholics anonymous should come knocking any minute.

Then again I think can safely conclude that my creative Kool-aid has been drained.

Waxing lyrically about the fine art of tea drinking will do that to a person!

*if you choose to believe my ego was once baby P.HA.T.

Marigold monologue

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I spent most of the weekend in an 8×6 inch bubble and I never once burst out/bust a move? That whole thing about no man being an island has always made as much sense as a Taylor Swift love song.

So I put my faith in the man and googlebot (sadly at 1am last night) and discovered those wise words date back to the 17th century.

Back when life expectancy was a whopping 36, and women were publicly flogged for unspeakable crimes..

Taking part in politics and such.


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Long-awaited, soon to be cherished by all. My little black book of all time favourite places, also known as my e-hood, goes a little like;

1. A well traveled woman– filled with endlessly inspiring snapshots of her adventures; I truly am in awe of this woman!

2. What Katie Ate– food, glorious food. Oh Katie, I think love you.

3. Decade Diary

4. Garance-you better believe I’ll be giving this woman a hug when we eventually meet.

5. Jak&Jil– went up the hill and became a mountain of inspiration.*

6. Langley Fox

7. Pennyweight

8. Here I Am– painstakingly honest and beautifully written.

9. Gala– radically dancing to the beat of her own drums. Hey Gala, will you be my guru?

10.Note to Self–  many less eloquent notes to self have been written by moi.

The common denominator here is simplicity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been visually (not to mention emotionally) assaulted by flashy graphics and unnecessary pop-ups. When in doubt, please just let your content speak for itself.

Happy Thursday!

* something about writing this is making me question my sanity

A place beyond the grimes

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Don’t know about you, but its been a while since I’ve laid eyes on a cherry blossom or anything resembling one.

This little beauty was taken a year ago, that’s right, back in 2012 when spring was in bloom and Kanye West was somewhat single and rapping in vernacular tongue.

As much as I try to fight it, I’m a hippie at heart. Meaning I need me some dense forest and general chirpiness of songbirds, otherwise I get a little angsty. Angsty enough to start indulging in ridiculous searches like ‘clean air’.

Seeing a Polynesian dancer sway her magic hips the other day didn’t exactly help me shake this feeling of being trapped on a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

*I wouldn’t put it past my neighbours to have “taken care” of the birds.



© Francesco la Porta

His sweater caught in the outskirts. The remains of the day, middle of nowhere Venice.

Scratches or none, I can’t get enough of this image. I was about to do some old fashioned begging and pleading but he yielded before it ever came to that; wise man, smart moves. I sure wish I had the skills to develop this haunting image- damn that word is used way too often, but I’ll let it slide this once.

HE is the newest addition to my expanding team of superhero interns. Plenty more of his awesome pics to come. Including backstage at Pierre Garroudi, h to the yes!