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Handwritten font saying 'reset'Nothing like the last day of March to stage my comeback ey?

Though beware, it’s not a full-blown one yet.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but 2015 started out with the kind of bang that would make anyone’s head hurt good. Or is that bad?

12 weeks and counting and it’s still not letting up.

  • Not one, but two deaths in the family, check!
  • Being sucker punched by a lingering flu, check!
  • A string of job opportunities inexplicably not working out; check!
  • Zayne leaving 1D, check!

Nonetheless, I plan to tiptoe back onto the blog horse, so bear with me. I just needed a few months to reset. To remind myself to keep going, if anything it’s what Beyoncé would do. To remember that I signed up to this not for the big G’s* or the recognition, but to vent somewhat anonymously, kind of creatively.

*Though I’ll happily take the G’s..if anyone’s offering.

Stand in the Sun Son!

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On the eve of my birthday – yes folks I’m about to be another year wiser– I couldn’t help but reflect on some thangs.

As much as I would like to wax lyrically about material things I’m hankering for, various projects in the pipeline and lifelong ambitions, I’ll stick to the stuff that has been weighing me down.

As I naively tuned in to the latest instalment of political raunchcom Scandal (too much blubbering over boys Olivia, just too much), I never expected it to teach me a much needed lesson, but such is the power of Shonda I guess. *shoulder shrug*

Stand in the sun, the way I choose to interpret it, is to distance oneself from as much as trifle as humanly possible.

Just stand in the light and let the b******t blow in the breeze.

And in the spirit of brutal honesty, I have failed at that very simple thing again and again this year.

I’ve let things so petty nearly break my spirit, I might as well be illegitimate offspring of Mr Glass.

I repeat stand in the sun.

My mantra from this day on, so help me Kanye.

Zen and the art of Hadouken management

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the-libertine-magazine-11-01-13-karlie-kloss-by-mariano-vivanco-for-muse-magazine-33-spring-2013-4the libertine mag

Now I know I’m not the only grown person excited about the new Power Ranger flick?

That’s right those mighty morphing power rangers are making their way back  to the big screen.

They even have an acronym and everything; M.M.P.R!

Crickets I hear ey?

I’m disappointed in you people.

You should care because everyone needs an excuse to butter themselves up, slip into a skin tight something and find some baddies to wrestle.

I’ve counted 17 legit reasons this month alone I would benefit from a superhuman alter ego:

The tax man

All the sidewalk shuffling men and women of London.

Neighbourhood hoodlums kids partaking in tomfoolery at 4am

An endless stream of emails about..well let me just spare you the remaining 14!

*all the side hustlers out there know what I’m talking about.

the Convolutions


30__MG_6465TiaCibani_RockieNolan(original )Refinery29

I swear I wasn’t staycationing in a bear cave.

Yet its taken me this long to discover Amanda de Cadenet’s conversations with women busking it as A-listers.

For one (and two’s), Zoe Saldana and Milla Jovovich, my sisters from another mothers.

And in close third Jaime King, my life icon from this day forward. Though I’m making a conscious effort to forgive and forget her involvement with Hart of Dixie.

They talk diet, death, deity and debunking the myth of the superwoman and they do it damn well!

Overload of alliteration inspiring you to tune in?

Beware of the case of single-tear-spontaneously-caressing-your-lower-lashline when you do.

You shine brighter baby



Someone somewhere told me that creating a capsule of things that make you positively giddy will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

Though I could easily have dreamt up this conversation.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

In celebration of International Happiness day*, I vow to put aside personal vendetta’s and general chagrin, spend some one-on-one time with my main squeeze,

and think happy, Happy HAHA thoughts!

I hope you all embrace the warmth and do something you love this fine day.

*yes such a day exists, Wiki it

Hero’s last first watch

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My head has been buzzing with so many revolutionary ideas lately its been hard to sit still and you know..sit still.

Yes I’m that self-confessed dork/sap/dork that wants to learn and change so many things at once she ends up doing basically nothing.

Diddly squat!

Or maybe one measly thing on a particularly sunny day.

On this fine Monday you’ll be happy to know that I successfully crossed ‘defining class and integrity’-ie. identifying that class EQUALS integrity- off my gargantuan list.

Confused dot com? too my e-squeezes. But I’ll fill you in some other time.

Amazing how adulthood can fill one with so much anxiety and so little gusto.

My man Chris Evans knows what I’m talking about.

Jamón HA-mon

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Till this day my parents know nothing of my controversial movie watching days and I’m a-ok with that.

Call it batsh**-boredom-on-the-account-of-living-in-the-middle-of-nowhere or a silent rebellion against boring, but experimenting, changing things up (not like tongue wagging Miley. I repeat NOT like Miley) once in a while has been my go-to since I was a young’un.

While I’ve avoided and VOCALLY objected to dressing like I’m about to engage in battle, I can feel winter’s evel charms beckoning me to channel a gothic sci-fi diva.

Between you and me, its my mission in life to see if donning something drastic will help sell my poker face better.

Cause canary yellow sure isn’t doing the business.

Or maybe I’m just being too nice?

As per usual.

The White List

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I’m inspired by so many bloggers, vloggers,(HBO) writers and artistes who always seem to work their magic effortlessly. Originality may not exist, but inspiration will always find its way to you if you’re open to it..or make nicey nice with Google bot.

My obsession with interiors currently knows no bounds. Possibly because I continue to exist in shyster limbo town where I have no choice but to daydream(and scrapbook like a lil’ old lady) about my light, open and airy loft that WILL one day be mine damn it.

Though there’s a 99% probability I’ll be channelling derelicte, not DIY darling when the time comes.

10,000 TOV

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Based on the 10,000 hour rule I should be  am well past being a full-fledged writer.

Thanks, Thank you! Really you’re too much.

I’ve managed to blog somewhat consistently for almost 5 years, even if- between you and me- I felt like annihilating this blog on day 1.

During that time I’ve worked harder than the Kardashian family’s PR, writing for other people as well as for my grown self.

Writing is my profession, pastime, and a huge part of who I am .

In spite of the migraine inducing moments, I’m doing what I set out to do.

What has prompted this unnecessary big-uping you ask?

You try spending an entire afternoon with TED talks as your soundtrack and see if it doesn’t inspire you to mark some milestones.

Cosmos’ curmudgeon

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tumblr_m6c1yaowVr1rw3fqbo1_r1_1280Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine

I can’t see into the future so I can’t claim to know what 2014 will bring, but I do know them horoscopes.

I see you judging.

If you must know, I read them for my amusement. You know me, I can’t get enough of amusement. Not now, not never!

The condensed version of my annual fortune had some interesting and some forgettable points.

The good: something about my dazzling powers of attraction, the lunar eclipse igniting my house of passion and that i’ll be takin’ care of business.

The bad/ugly: exploring my inner landscape is supposedly a form of journeying that may prevent me from globe trotting until mid-july -what the duck should I do about that mid-march trip to Morocco oh wise cosmos?

I didn’t exactly start the year with a pep in my step, in fact it’s been the opposite. I haven’t seen the inside of my yoga studio in weeks and I’m struggling to believe its possible for a human being to be this tired.

But I’m going with it, no judgement.

You wait and see, my unbridled passion will ignite from a catnap.