Who the who is Shelly?

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This about sums up my love for the big J.

My income might not be disposable enough for me to even window shop there- moving house and setting up shop ain’t cheap- but my love will never sway.

But I happen to like brands who aren’t afraid to show a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’.*

And so I salute you Jenna, Jenna’s subservients.

*umm yeah I mean personality, not money makers

Jamón HA-mon

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Till this day my parents know nothing of my controversial movie watching days and I’m a-ok with that.

Call it batsh**-boredom-on-the-account-of-living-in-the-middle-of-nowhere or a silent rebellion against boring, but experimenting, changing things up (not like tongue wagging Miley. I repeat NOT like Miley) once in a while has been my go-to since I was a young’un.

While I’ve avoided and VOCALLY objected to dressing like I’m about to engage in battle, I can feel winter’s evel charms beckoning me to channel a gothic sci-fi diva.

Between you and me, its my mission in life to see if donning something drastic will help sell my poker face better.

Cause canary yellow sure isn’t doing the business.

Or maybe I’m just being too nice?

As per usual.

A Winter’s Gab

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While the world insists on making autumn/winter wishlists (snore), I will be resisting the change of seasons if it’s the last honourable* thing I do.

Much like the field of dreams, I say if you don’t believe it build it, it won’t come, it just won’t!

Excuse me while I reminisce of doomed and covert crushes, slap me silly opportunities, risqué cut-outs and even a return to astrology. Since you ask, it’s the Chinese with a very strong maybe to the Mayan kind too.

Now can you blame me for clinging to Summer a little longer?

*seriously how much Downton Abbey can one woman endure?

That would be a rhetorical question.

Something like this, but not this


b593947afcf8858df21e661bb206cfc6Vogue ’00

To quote the always enjoyable Casper, “Can I keep you?”

Carmen’s look that is. Not the bodies. I’m no crazy kidnapper.

Though I have no where to go- a self-imposed house arrest and cleanse- will do that to a person- workin’ it Mad Max style in the semi-privacy of my own quarters will have to do for now.

With the record high temperatures we’ve been having, I doubt anyone would respond to the wailing of someone decked in all leather everything..

So a flimsy night gown will have to do.

Happy Blazing days!

The Benn

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Every now and then I come across an image that makes me pause whatever insignificant Google search I was in the middle of, and just stare, unashamedly..with googly eyes too.

Benn makes a pretty obvious (read swoon worthy) choice for Tod’s No_Code campaign wouldn’t you say?

The Fonz would definitely approve!

..”dream in them and wear a pair in so thoroughly that they become a worthy portrait to your timely steps“- Jefferson Hack


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Long-awaited, soon to be cherished by all. My little black book of all time favourite places, also known as my e-hood, goes a little like;

1. A well traveled woman– filled with endlessly inspiring snapshots of her adventures; I truly am in awe of this woman!

2. What Katie Ate– food, glorious food. Oh Katie, I think love you.

3. Decade Diary

4. Garance-you better believe I’ll be giving this woman a hug when we eventually meet.

5. Jak&Jil– went up the hill and became a mountain of inspiration.*

6. Langley Fox

7. Pennyweight

8. Here I Am– painstakingly honest and beautifully written.

9. Gala– radically dancing to the beat of her own drums. Hey Gala, will you be my guru?

10.Note to Self–  many less eloquent notes to self have been written by moi.

The common denominator here is simplicity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been visually (not to mention emotionally) assaulted by flashy graphics and unnecessary pop-ups. When in doubt, please just let your content speak for itself.

Happy Thursday!

* something about writing this is making me question my sanity

289/One for Jenna

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Derek Lam - Front Row - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekNYMAG

I might be a late arrival on the Lyons bandwagon, but think of it as time needed to digest how doggone amazing this woman really is.

Yes, style plays a large part in my declaration of love for Mrs J.Crew, but believe me when I say her overall demeanour and longevity in the business equally blow me away.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into exactly how I should carve my way professionally and compiling a list of superhuman people like Jenna, has been monumental in inspiring me; not to mention a welcome distraction from the brown paper bag too*

Oh and the woman owns 289 pairs of shoes. Because she can people, because she can!

The Night is Yale

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Not sure when my love affair for maxi’s started, not sure I even care to know.

What I do know is “less frivolous grooming, more Game of Thrones”. Words so wise Yoda himself would grow greener with envy.

Fact is, who needs reality when you can spend time days dreaming of keeping dragons and ruling over the best city that ever was and ever will be!

please note the use of the word keeping, NOT training! 




By no means am I a Solange fan or groupie.

But..it’s hard to deny this look oozes comfort, ease and natural style; none of which I shy away from.

Of the many things a dedicated yoga practice has taught me, self-acceptance without a doubt comes in first. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more you come to know there’s no need to prod, poke, bleach or tweak a single thing.

ALT would say you’re fierce all on your own!