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I may need to be schooled on patience

I absolutely need to be schooled on patience.

Yet that hasn’t, nor is it likely to stop me from going with my gut.

Like Captain Kirk* I’ve found that it’s up to you whether you want to play by everybody else’s rules or..NOT.

The past 9.5, 10 weeks have been gut wrenching because I’ve assumed people would come through with their promises, which will always be a rookie move.

Again, much like my good buddy JT Kirk who had to be beat down on multiple occasions**, I learnt the hard way.

It’s ok to say no.

It”s even ok-er to pave your own damn way.

*that’s right born again trekkie here!

**I’m talking the reboot here folks.

Hero’s last first watch

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My head has been buzzing with so many revolutionary ideas lately its been hard to sit still and you know..sit still.

Yes I’m that self-confessed dork/sap/dork that wants to learn and change so many things at once she ends up doing basically nothing.

Diddly squat!

Or maybe one measly thing on a particularly sunny day.

On this fine Monday you’ll be happy to know that I successfully crossed ‘defining class and integrity’-ie. identifying that class EQUALS integrity- off my gargantuan list.

Confused dot com? too my e-squeezes. But I’ll fill you in some other time.

Amazing how adulthood can fill one with so much anxiety and so little gusto.

My man Chris Evans knows what I’m talking about.

289/One for Jenna

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Derek Lam - Front Row - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekNYMAG

I might be a late arrival on the Lyons bandwagon, but think of it as time needed to digest how doggone amazing this woman really is.

Yes, style plays a large part in my declaration of love for Mrs J.Crew, but believe me when I say her overall demeanour and longevity in the business equally blow me away.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into exactly how I should carve my way professionally and compiling a list of superhuman people like Jenna, has been monumental in inspiring me; not to mention a welcome distraction from the brown paper bag too*

Oh and the woman owns 289 pairs of shoes. Because she can people, because she can!

Silver Silver Linings



If pictures could talk..

This one would whisper “Pffffff. Water off a duck’s back baby girl”.

My horoscope says that I’m about to embark on a new and adventurous path, but in order for me to reap those plentiful bounties, I need to let go. Maybe not in those exact words, but close, very close.

What I am trying to express but failing very well at, is that so many opportunites are coming my way right now;including one very awesome Movember campaign. Rather than think of the insane amount of work that lies ahead these next few weeks, I am hereby reminding myself to sit back, take it in, laugh it off..when the going gets tough.