Anyone else looking over their New Year’s resolutions and ferociously shaking their heads in disappointment/wonder/anime tantrums?

I’ll be honest,well…when am I not?

I’ll be honester. This year has been HUGE in terms of me trying to regain control. Control over my relationships, food choices- gluten stay or gluten go-, sleep patterns, footwear, you name it.

And then something happened.

I got freaking tired.

Don’t know if its August showers or sh&* taking its toll.

Turns out the more you try to control things, the more likely it is that life will dunk an ice bucket on you without you ever seeing it coming.

And you can forget about that towel afterwards.

Oh yeah August has been all about unexpected, unplanned, uninvited changes that I’m learning to roll with it.

So the only control button I’ll be hitting for a while is the one that hangs tight with alt and delete.

Yeah you like that huh?

Cosmos’ curmudgeon

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tumblr_m6c1yaowVr1rw3fqbo1_r1_1280Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine

I can’t see into the future so I can’t claim to know what 2014 will bring, but I do know them horoscopes.

I see you judging.

If you must know, I read them for my amusement. You know me, I can’t get enough of amusement. Not now, not never!

The condensed version of my annual fortune had some interesting and some forgettable points.

The good: something about my dazzling powers of attraction, the lunar eclipse igniting my house of passion and that i’ll be takin’ care of business.

The bad/ugly: exploring my inner landscape is supposedly a form of journeying that may prevent me from globe trotting until mid-july -what the duck should I do about that mid-march trip to Morocco oh wise cosmos?

I didn’t exactly start the year with a pep in my step, in fact it’s been the opposite. I haven’t seen the inside of my yoga studio in weeks and I’m struggling to believe its possible for a human being to be this tired.

But I’m going with it, no judgement.

You wait and see, my unbridled passion will ignite from a catnap.

The Secret Life of Jose

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On my way to frolic on the beach so I have literally* 5 minutes to edit my last words of the year into something comprehensible;

Jose Gonzalez is something swoon worthy/magical

Ben Stiller, please direct more.

and possibly the best lesson I had to learn (the hard way) this year has been “What the %^* is stopping you?”

Thank you new, old, and tween readers for staying tuned. As always I will strive not to be a disappointment next year by posting more of..yadi yadi yada

Happy New Year!!xo

* yes, the correct meaning of the word