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Sorry, sorry, sorrrry

I’m here now that counts for something right?

The truth is something’s gotta give (sidebar: BAD movie by the same name) when you’re juggling too much.

And a juggler I am not.

In fact let it be known that I proudly snub the word multi-tasking.

So much so that I would challenge Einstein, if he were alive and kicking, to prove what I have known to be true for some time.. prolonged periods spent multitasking=ADHD.

Now that that’s off my chest…

Curious what’s been taking up a bunch of my brainspace?

IMG_20140611_224128Blog pic-K&W



Is it a bird, a Boeing 756907, something to do with the new Aquaman movie?

No, nope, and heck no! Just my quest to find answers from creative entrepreneurs about how (oh how) they got started and my lifelong preoccupation with what fuels inspiration. KING&why (launched on Friday) will be featuring cartoonists, bloggers, illustrators, e-writers , vloggers and all round awesome people who have been generous enough to answer our prying questions.

Some are household names- Gavin Aung Than of Zenpencils for example and others you’ll just wish you knew.

Show us some love!


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After the dark

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01-Andrew Tommy

10-Andrew Tommy

11-Andrew Tommy Alex Harris

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”

My jaw dropped when I the read the news of Maya Angelou passing.

I was in one of those crowded waiting rooms devoid of any personality, trying not to draw attention to the ongoing chomp,slurp, chomp my beloved seaweed sashimi was causing.

Hey, when hunger calls. I sprint!

I may just have been 12 or 13 when first introduced to Miss Maya but I remember feeling like I had been slapped across the face by genius.

Suppose I better get started on becoming 1/12th of the writer she was.

Zen and the art of Hadouken management

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the-libertine-magazine-11-01-13-karlie-kloss-by-mariano-vivanco-for-muse-magazine-33-spring-2013-4the libertine mag

Now I know I’m not the only grown person excited about the new Power Ranger flick?

That’s right those mighty morphing power rangers are making their way back  to the big screen.

They even have an acronym and everything; M.M.P.R!

Crickets I hear ey?

I’m disappointed in you people.

You should care because everyone needs an excuse to butter themselves up, slip into a skin tight something and find some baddies to wrestle.

I’ve counted 17 legit reasons this month alone I would benefit from a superhuman alter ego:

The tax man

All the sidewalk shuffling men and women of London.

Neighbourhood hoodlums kids partaking in tomfoolery at 4am

An endless stream of emails about..well let me just spare you the remaining 14!

*all the side hustlers out there know what I’m talking about.

the Convolutions


30__MG_6465TiaCibani_RockieNolan(original )Refinery29

I swear I wasn’t staycationing in a bear cave.

Yet its taken me this long to discover Amanda de Cadenet’s conversations with women busking it as A-listers.

For one (and two’s), Zoe Saldana and Milla Jovovich, my sisters from another mothers.

And in close third Jaime King, my life icon from this day forward. Though I’m making a conscious effort to forgive and forget her involvement with Hart of Dixie.

They talk diet, death, deity and debunking the myth of the superwoman and they do it damn well!

Overload of alliteration inspiring you to tune in?

Beware of the case of single-tear-spontaneously-caressing-your-lower-lashline when you do.

Scuttle full of folly

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tumblr_mhs4m6GSVg1qdv25no2_1280Julian Race photography

Between you and me I needed a fancy word for bucket

and a synonym for crazy

There’s been a lot of involuntary spring cleaning going on in this little head of mine, which may or may not be the result of post-holiday tripping and my workload slowing down. So I’ve been thinking/ questioning/thinking;

hot lemon or lime water?

what my pajama size is..guess I’ll find out when I’m 80

banana hangers.. necessity or health hazard?

bada** nose piercing or washboard abs?

which is more likely to cause long lasting trauma.. Those who Kill or Criminal Minds? Then again if 7 seasons of Criminal Minds hasn’t done the trick..

whether I’m certified insane for wanting to launch my own e-zine?

Sitting still, waiting patiently while the universe works its magic, I’ll confess isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Level 8 yogi* or not.

*I hope you know there’s no such thing, otherwise I’m afraid for you, I really am!

the tortoise and the Hari

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I’ve been cheating on my rickety stove with surprisingly tasty shroom burgers, southern style waffles and make do cocktails, so you can see why I had no time for the blogosphere this week.

It’s always a bittersweet feeling ending a holiday and having to revert back to reality. Though I’m still struggling to find the sweet.

Sure it felt like a rendition of Cats most days, but Morocco was also a lesson in kindness, humility and the art of restocking a bread basket; definitely a place I could call home someday.

One week was barely enough time to really take in Essaouira and Marrakesh, so we took a blood oath to remind ourselves to head back this year.

To infinity Tangiers and beyond.

You shine brighter baby



Someone somewhere told me that creating a capsule of things that make you positively giddy will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

Though I could easily have dreamt up this conversation.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

In celebration of International Happiness day*, I vow to put aside personal vendetta’s and general chagrin, spend some one-on-one time with my main squeeze,

and think happy, Happy HAHA thoughts!

I hope you all embrace the warmth and do something you love this fine day.

*yes such a day exists, Wiki it

One for Lu

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In celebration of women-rock-the-world day, behold a portrait of a woman who has succeeded in charming the pants off me, you and everyone we know.

Lupita to you, Lu to me, is..

showing the world once and for all that bold always knocks meh out of the park
raising the bar sky high for fierce, fresh faced beauty
living proof that every woman should try a buzz cut at least once in their adult lives
breaking the FROW* norm by going shades-free and daring to acknowledge everyone in her vicinity.

*just so we’re on the same page, I will never wholeheartedly embrace the term FROW, otherwise known as front row.