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As in a mic check.

Since I really need to confirm anyone’s presence.

Ahoy lucky readers, it’s been a painfully long time since I last stopped by these streets. So long. So.so.damn.long.

What can I say? I underestimated the importance of steadiness. Balance. Holding yourself accountable to a routine. Never giving up on said routine no matter how tough it gets. Finding a creative outlet to avoid spontaneous combustion. Dancing like you don’t give a WHAT whether you’ll be a (/ˈmiːm/ MEEM) or not.

So I’ve found my way back here.

Mostly for me and my sanities.

YES plural!

Hope you’re all still golden.

Who the who is Shelly?

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This about sums up my love for the big J.

My income might not be disposable enough for me to even window shop there- moving house and setting up shop ain’t cheap- but my love will never sway.

But I happen to like brands who aren’t afraid to show a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’.*

And so I salute you Jenna, Jenna’s subservients.

*umm yeah I mean personality, not money makers


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Short. Sweet. Sabulous.

Aka sandy.

Again, I feel inclined to remind curious and curioser cats that my 5 days in Cyprus were a workation.

Many MANY hours were spent in my decked out hotel room planning the days ahead.

But you won’t find me complaining.

Oh no sireee.

Behold an attempt to put together a pleasant photo diary for you ebuds.


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After much deliberation, I’ve decided to turn a new leaf.

A ghost from the days of future past* told me my tombstone might read a little something like:

Here lies that petulant little shyster. That broad who couldn’t take a step back. Gain some perspective. Maybe even do a happy dance for a second. She sure was something else. She had a mouth on her too. Do we miss her? I mean REALLY miss her? Show of hands..”

So my new yellow-tinted leaf is all about pausing to say thank you and then retreating to my chambers to continue my vow of bullsh***abstinence.

There’s a long list of people who have been acting as my corner men** and gin-and-juice drinking buddies, and I’m forever in their debt. And by forever I mean until December 31st. New year, new rules baby!

Hey when life gives you lemons, you shut up and build a lemonade stand right? And then you lie in wait for someone gullible to come along and charge em’ extra for it.

*see X-men writers, that still doesn’t read or write good as a title

** a boxing reference from a woman who’s never even watched a match, bravo!

Wish I was Here

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There I am ready for my close up

a monotone figure creeping around on gravel.

I’m loving this shot for its simplicity, but most of all for the view( that AMAZING lake view)

You can tell I need some R&R bad huh?

Yes and no.

My time to gallivant the globe will come, but for now I’m just sitting up in my room..anxiously awaiting Zach Braff’s new flick.

and a place to live come August 1st.

You can file this post under london life and hashtag it nutterbutterlease.

Wish me luck!

After the dark

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01-Andrew Tommy

10-Andrew Tommy

11-Andrew Tommy Alex Harris

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”

My jaw dropped when I the read the news of Maya Angelou passing.

I was in one of those crowded waiting rooms devoid of any personality, trying not to draw attention to the ongoing chomp,slurp, chomp my beloved seaweed sashimi was causing.

Hey, when hunger calls. I sprint!

I may just have been 12 or 13 when first introduced to Miss Maya but I remember feeling like I had been slapped across the face by genius.

Suppose I better get started on becoming 1/12th of the writer she was.

the tortoise and the Hari

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I’ve been cheating on my rickety stove with surprisingly tasty shroom burgers, southern style waffles and make do cocktails, so you can see why I had no time for the blogosphere this week.

It’s always a bittersweet feeling ending a holiday and having to revert back to reality. Though I’m still struggling to find the sweet.

Sure it felt like a rendition of Cats most days, but Morocco was also a lesson in kindness, humility and the art of restocking a bread basket; definitely a place I could call home someday.

One week was barely enough time to really take in Essaouira and Marrakesh, so we took a blood oath to remind ourselves to head back this year.

To infinity Tangiers and beyond.

One for Lu

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In celebration of women-rock-the-world day, behold a portrait of a woman who has succeeded in charming the pants off me, you and everyone we know.

Lupita to you, Lu to me, is..

showing the world once and for all that bold always knocks meh out of the park
raising the bar sky high for fierce, fresh faced beauty
living proof that every woman should try a buzz cut at least once in their adult lives
breaking the FROW* norm by going shades-free and daring to acknowledge everyone in her vicinity.

*just so we’re on the same page, I will never wholeheartedly embrace the term FROW, otherwise known as front row.

Cosmos’ curmudgeon

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tumblr_m6c1yaowVr1rw3fqbo1_r1_1280Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine

I can’t see into the future so I can’t claim to know what 2014 will bring, but I do know them horoscopes.

I see you judging.

If you must know, I read them for my amusement. You know me, I can’t get enough of amusement. Not now, not never!

The condensed version of my annual fortune had some interesting and some forgettable points.

The good: something about my dazzling powers of attraction, the lunar eclipse igniting my house of passion and that i’ll be takin’ care of business.

The bad/ugly: exploring my inner landscape is supposedly a form of journeying that may prevent me from globe trotting until mid-july -what the duck should I do about that mid-march trip to Morocco oh wise cosmos?

I didn’t exactly start the year with a pep in my step, in fact it’s been the opposite. I haven’t seen the inside of my yoga studio in weeks and I’m struggling to believe its possible for a human being to be this tired.

But I’m going with it, no judgement.

You wait and see, my unbridled passion will ignite from a catnap.