Who the who is Shelly?

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This about sums up my love for the big J.

My income might not be disposable enough for me to even window shop there- moving house and setting up shop ain’t cheap- but my love will never sway.

But I happen to like brands who aren’t afraid to show a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’.*

And so I salute you Jenna, Jenna’s subservients.

*umm yeah I mean personality, not money makers


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Short. Sweet. Sabulous.

Aka sandy.

Again, I feel inclined to remind curious and curioser cats that my 5 days in Cyprus were a workation.

Many MANY hours were spent in my decked out hotel room planning the days ahead.

But you won’t find me complaining.

Oh no sireee.

Behold an attempt to put together a pleasant photo diary for you ebuds.

these twee Kings

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Sorry, sorry, sorrrry

I’m here now that counts for something right?

The truth is something’s gotta give (sidebar: BAD movie by the same name) when you’re juggling too much.

And a juggler I am not.

In fact let it be known that I proudly snub the word multi-tasking.

So much so that I would challenge Einstein, if he were alive and kicking, to prove what I have known to be true for some time.. prolonged periods spent multitasking=ADHD.

Now that that’s off my chest…

Curious what’s been taking up a bunch of my brainspace?

IMG_20140611_224128Blog pic-K&W



Is it a bird, a Boeing 756907, something to do with the new Aquaman movie?

No, nope, and heck no! Just my quest to find answers from creative entrepreneurs about how (oh how) they got started and my lifelong preoccupation with what fuels inspiration. KING&why (launched on Friday) will be featuring cartoonists, bloggers, illustrators, e-writers , vloggers and all round awesome people who have been generous enough to answer our prying questions.

Some are household names- Gavin Aung Than of Zenpencils for example and others you’ll just wish you knew.

Show us some love!


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** umm yes I am aware my theme layout has gone cray, will be fixed soon..

One for Lu

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In celebration of women-rock-the-world day, behold a portrait of a woman who has succeeded in charming the pants off me, you and everyone we know.

Lupita to you, Lu to me, is..

showing the world once and for all that bold always knocks meh out of the park
raising the bar sky high for fierce, fresh faced beauty
living proof that every woman should try a buzz cut at least once in their adult lives
breaking the FROW* norm by going shades-free and daring to acknowledge everyone in her vicinity.

*just so we’re on the same page, I will never wholeheartedly embrace the term FROW, otherwise known as front row.

Only dim lights left alive

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phone 034

phone 035

phone 036

Because I thoroughly disagree with hyper plugging aka “check out what I got for free b%^&*s”.. it slipped my mind to mention the awesomeness that was the pre-screening of Only Lovers left Alive.

No secret, I was once a film nerd. These days I moonlight as a lady of the night as a creative.

Sometimes I’m stuck on what that means.

But back to the evening.

It was beautiful folks. Jim has all the eclectic charm his movies possess. Any numb nut critic that has slated this film, is dead on the inside.

Take my word for it, its a beautiful film!

ps. you’ll have to excuse my temporary desertion, it weren’t my fault..entirely.

Hero’s last first watch

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My head has been buzzing with so many revolutionary ideas lately its been hard to sit still and you know..sit still.

Yes I’m that self-confessed dork/sap/dork that wants to learn and change so many things at once she ends up doing basically nothing.

Diddly squat!

Or maybe one measly thing on a particularly sunny day.

On this fine Monday you’ll be happy to know that I successfully crossed ‘defining class and integrity’-ie. identifying that class EQUALS integrity- off my gargantuan list.

Confused dot com?..me too my e-squeezes. But I’ll fill you in some other time.

Amazing how adulthood can fill one with so much anxiety and so little gusto.

My man Chris Evans knows what I’m talking about.


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I have over 45 would-be posts patiently awaiting their fate, so forgive me if I forget where and when I found the below questions.

All I know is I tagged myself, like all kool kids do!

1. What is the most-played song in your music library?

Without a doubt Flying Lotus ft Ahu- ‘Added Efforts’ and Alice Smith’s live performance of ‘Fool for You’. Watching Alice perform on BET actually gave me the chills! One.fly.lady!

2. What is your favorite thing about your current occupation or job, whatever it may be?

As a freelance copywriter, f0r the most part my schedule is flexible, which gives me the breathing space to think about other things. Starting an online magazine for one. Becoming the next Nigella a close second.*

3. City or country?

New Orleans, its got that charming something that thoroughly appeals to a sap like myself.

4. What is your coping mechanism after a really bad day?

Music, lately anything by Hidden Orchestra. Some mat time. Any candy I can score.

5. Favorite item in your closet right now? 

My yet to arrive  deep V slinky as hell dress by Solace London. Second would my cherished VERY heavy vintage leather shorts.

6. Skill or craft you still want to learn or work on?

Learn to Sew or die. The fact that I can’t confidently sew a button is PATHETIC DOT COM. And skateboard like a champ!

7. What is your most precious keepsake?

I thought long..ish about this and couldn’t come up with an answer. This might me a good thing folks, I may be less shallow and materialistic than I thought. Jeah!

8. What’s at the very tip top of your holiday wish list this year?

Morocco/Scottish Highlands.

9. What’s your favorite spot in the town/city/state you currently live in?

Give me a park with a great view and foot friendly cobblestones and I’m happy girl-not-yet-a-woman!

* minus the man/courtroom drama.