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Handwritten font saying 'reset'Nothing like the last day of March to stage my comeback ey?

Though beware, it’s not a full-blown one yet.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but 2015 started out with the kind of bang that would make anyone’s head hurt good. Or is that bad?

12 weeks and counting and it’s still not letting up.

  • Not one, but two deaths in the family, check!
  • Being sucker punched by a lingering flu, check!
  • A string of job opportunities inexplicably not working out; check!
  • Zayne leaving 1D, check!

Nonetheless, I plan to tiptoe back onto the blog horse, so bear with me. I just needed a few months to reset. To remind myself to keep going, if anything it’s what Beyoncé would do. To remember that I signed up to this not for the big G’s* or the recognition, but to vent somewhat anonymously, kind of creatively.

*Though I’ll happily take the G’s..if anyone’s offering.

Stand in the Sun Son!

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On the eve of my birthday – yes folks I’m about to be another year wiser– I couldn’t help but reflect on some thangs.

As much as I would like to wax lyrically about material things I’m hankering for, various projects in the pipeline and lifelong ambitions, I’ll stick to the stuff that has been weighing me down.

As I naively tuned in to the latest instalment of political raunchcom Scandal (too much blubbering over boys Olivia, just too much), I never expected it to teach me a much needed lesson, but such is the power of Shonda I guess. *shoulder shrug*

Stand in the sun, the way I choose to interpret it, is to distance oneself from as much as trifle as humanly possible.

Just stand in the light and let the b******t blow in the breeze.

And in the spirit of brutal honesty, I have failed at that very simple thing again and again this year.

I’ve let things so petty nearly break my spirit, I might as well be illegitimate offspring of Mr Glass.

I repeat stand in the sun.

My mantra from this day on, so help me Kanye.





Anyone else looking over their New Year’s resolutions and ferociously shaking their heads in disappointment/wonder/anime tantrums?

I’ll be honest,well…when am I not?

I’ll be honester. This year has been HUGE in terms of me trying to regain control. Control over my relationships, food choices- gluten stay or gluten go-, sleep patterns, footwear, you name it.

And then something happened.

I got freaking tired.

Don’t know if its August showers or sh&* taking its toll.

Turns out the more you try to control things, the more likely it is that life will dunk an ice bucket on you without you ever seeing it coming.

And you can forget about that towel afterwards.

Oh yeah August has been all about unexpected, unplanned, uninvited changes that I’m learning to roll with it.

So the only control button I’ll be hitting for a while is the one that hangs tight with alt and delete.

Yeah you like that huh?


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After much deliberation, I’ve decided to turn a new leaf.

A ghost from the days of future past* told me my tombstone might read a little something like:

Here lies that petulant little shyster. That broad who couldn’t take a step back. Gain some perspective. Maybe even do a happy dance for a second. She sure was something else. She had a mouth on her too. Do we miss her? I mean REALLY miss her? Show of hands..”

So my new yellow-tinted leaf is all about pausing to say thank you and then retreating to my chambers to continue my vow of bullsh***abstinence.

There’s a long list of people who have been acting as my corner men** and gin-and-juice drinking buddies, and I’m forever in their debt. And by forever I mean until December 31st. New year, new rules baby!

Hey when life gives you lemons, you shut up and build a lemonade stand right? And then you lie in wait for someone gullible to come along and charge em’ extra for it.

*see X-men writers, that still doesn’t read or write good as a title

** a boxing reference from a woman who’s never even watched a match, bravo!

Pro se

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I may need to be schooled on patience

I absolutely need to be schooled on patience.

Yet that hasn’t, nor is it likely to stop me from going with my gut.

Like Captain Kirk* I’ve found that it’s up to you whether you want to play by everybody else’s rules or..NOT.

The past 9.5, 10 weeks have been gut wrenching because I’ve assumed people would come through with their promises, which will always be a rookie move.

Again, much like my good buddy JT Kirk who had to be beat down on multiple occasions**, I learnt the hard way.

It’s ok to say no.

It”s even ok-er to pave your own damn way.

*that’s right born again trekkie here!

**I’m talking the reboot here folks.

Wish I was Here

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There I am ready for my close up

a monotone figure creeping around on gravel.

I’m loving this shot for its simplicity, but most of all for the view( that AMAZING lake view)

You can tell I need some R&R bad huh?

Yes and no.

My time to gallivant the globe will come, but for now I’m just sitting up in my room..anxiously awaiting Zach Braff’s new flick.

and a place to live come August 1st.

You can file this post under london life and hashtag it nutterbutterlease.

Wish me luck!

these twee Kings

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Sorry, sorry, sorrrry

I’m here now that counts for something right?

The truth is something’s gotta give (sidebar: BAD movie by the same name) when you’re juggling too much.

And a juggler I am not.

In fact let it be known that I proudly snub the word multi-tasking.

So much so that I would challenge Einstein, if he were alive and kicking, to prove what I have known to be true for some time.. prolonged periods spent multitasking=ADHD.

Now that that’s off my chest…

Curious what’s been taking up a bunch of my brainspace?

IMG_20140611_224128Blog pic-K&W



Is it a bird, a Boeing 756907, something to do with the new Aquaman movie?

No, nope, and heck no! Just my quest to find answers from creative entrepreneurs about how (oh how) they got started and my lifelong preoccupation with what fuels inspiration. KING&why (launched on Friday) will be featuring cartoonists, bloggers, illustrators, e-writers , vloggers and all round awesome people who have been generous enough to answer our prying questions.

Some are household names- Gavin Aung Than of Zenpencils for example and others you’ll just wish you knew.

Show us some love!


*clickity click images for links

** umm yes I am aware my theme layout has gone cray, will be fixed soon..

Zen and the art of Hadouken management

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the-libertine-magazine-11-01-13-karlie-kloss-by-mariano-vivanco-for-muse-magazine-33-spring-2013-4the libertine mag

Now I know I’m not the only grown person excited about the new Power Ranger flick?

That’s right those mighty morphing power rangers are making their way back  to the big screen.

They even have an acronym and everything; M.M.P.R!

Crickets I hear ey?

I’m disappointed in you people.

You should care because everyone needs an excuse to butter themselves up, slip into a skin tight something and find some baddies to wrestle.

I’ve counted 17 legit reasons this month alone I would benefit from a superhuman alter ego:

The tax man

All the sidewalk shuffling men and women of London.

Neighbourhood hoodlums kids partaking in tomfoolery at 4am

An endless stream of emails about..well let me just spare you the remaining 14!

*all the side hustlers out there know what I’m talking about.

the Convolutions


30__MG_6465TiaCibani_RockieNolan(original )Refinery29

I swear I wasn’t staycationing in a bear cave.

Yet its taken me this long to discover Amanda de Cadenet’s conversations with women busking it as A-listers.

For one (and two’s), Zoe Saldana and Milla Jovovich, my sisters from another mothers.

And in close third Jaime King, my life icon from this day forward. Though I’m making a conscious effort to forgive and forget her involvement with Hart of Dixie.

They talk diet, death, deity and debunking the myth of the superwoman and they do it damn well!

Overload of alliteration inspiring you to tune in?

Beware of the case of single-tear-spontaneously-caressing-your-lower-lashline when you do.

Scuttle full of folly

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tumblr_mhs4m6GSVg1qdv25no2_1280Julian Race photography

Between you and me I needed a fancy word for bucket

and a synonym for crazy

There’s been a lot of involuntary spring cleaning going on in this little head of mine, which may or may not be the result of post-holiday tripping and my workload slowing down. So I’ve been thinking/ questioning/thinking;

hot lemon or lime water?

what my pajama size is..guess I’ll find out when I’m 80

banana hangers.. necessity or health hazard?

bada** nose piercing or washboard abs?

which is more likely to cause long lasting trauma.. Those who Kill or Criminal Minds? Then again if 7 seasons of Criminal Minds hasn’t done the trick..

whether I’m certified insane for wanting to launch my own e-zine?

Sitting still, waiting patiently while the universe works its magic, I’ll confess isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Level 8 yogi* or not.

*I hope you know there’s no such thing, otherwise I’m afraid for you, I really am!