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Short. Sweet. Sabulous.

Aka sandy.

Again, I feel inclined to remind curious and curioser cats that my 5 days in Cyprus were a workation.

Many MANY hours were spent in my decked out hotel room planning the days ahead.

But you won’t find me complaining.

Oh no sireee.

Behold an attempt to put together a pleasant photo diary for you ebuds.

the tortoise and the Hari

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I’ve been cheating on my rickety stove with surprisingly tasty shroom burgers, southern style waffles and make do cocktails, so you can see why I had no time for the blogosphere this week.

It’s always a bittersweet feeling ending a holiday and having to revert back to reality. Though I’m still struggling to find the sweet.

Sure it felt like a rendition of Cats most days, but Morocco was also a lesson in kindness, humility and the art of restocking a bread basket; definitely a place I could call home someday.

One week was barely enough time to really take in Essaouira and Marrakesh, so we took a blood oath to remind ourselves to head back this year.

To infinity Tangiers and beyond.

The Secret Life of Jose

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On my way to frolic on the beach so I have literally* 5 minutes to edit my last words of the year into something comprehensible;

Jose Gonzalez is something swoon worthy/magical

Ben Stiller, please direct more.

and possibly the best lesson I had to learn (the hard way) this year has been “What the %^* is stopping you?”

Thank you new, old, and tween readers for staying tuned. As always I will strive not to be a disappointment next year by posting more of..yadi yadi yada

Happy New Year!!xo

* yes, the correct meaning of the word

Letting the kettle sleep

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It turns out a part of me died the second I turned 30.. the cognitive part of my tired brain that happens to store my wordpress password.

Also, I was blissfully living the life of a bum.

Oh sure I could easily recount the average time spent: cuddling, scoffing buckwheat pancakes, studying David Regelin videos, bookmarking  ankle boots, self medicating with echinacea drops and planning holiday menu’s- there will be a fine selection of nuts and fancy water, this much I know!

But I was told not to.

So I won’t ok, I WON’T!


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Long-awaited, soon to be cherished by all. My little black book of all time favourite places, also known as my e-hood, goes a little like;

1. A well traveled woman– filled with endlessly inspiring snapshots of her adventures; I truly am in awe of this woman!

2. What Katie Ate– food, glorious food. Oh Katie, I think love you.

3. Decade Diary

4. Garance-you better believe I’ll be giving this woman a hug when we eventually meet.

5. Jak&Jil– went up the hill and became a mountain of inspiration.*

6. Langley Fox

7. Pennyweight

8. Here I Am– painstakingly honest and beautifully written.

9. Gala– radically dancing to the beat of her own drums. Hey Gala, will you be my guru?

10.Note to Self–  many less eloquent notes to self have been written by moi.

The common denominator here is simplicity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been visually (not to mention emotionally) assaulted by flashy graphics and unnecessary pop-ups. When in doubt, please just let your content speak for itself.

Happy Thursday!

* something about writing this is making me question my sanity


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On days I find myself slipping into the abyss I like to call whyohwhyohwhymeeeetown-usually brought about by sleep deprivation, inexplicable allergies and/or breakouts and doses of self pity, I slap myself silly with the Spring/Summer ’12 issue of The Gentlewoman, in which the great Ms Turlington said;

“..When people say it’s hard to effect real change, I think that’s bullshit!”

Since you asked, Christy meant the getting up your backside, ridding the world of unspeakable atrocities kind of change.

Whereas mine is all about channeling a change of scenery; the copacabana and Mai Tai kind!

Don’t hate the player, hate the this case the guy that coined ‘charity begins at home’.

Petal Peony Posey-toe

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Ben Giles 400wiBen Giles

I was hoping to complete my not-so-annual Christmas collage, but alas, I’m beat. So so beat.

Ben Giles’ work is like staring into a rose-coloured mirror, similar to my work, only brighter, lighter and floaralier too. But I love it nonetheless.

Merry Christmas everyone or a Happy Holidays to those don’t ummm, swing that way. The time has come to stuff our bellies and shuffle our feet.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year and I hope the same for all of you dear anonymous.