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As in a mic check.

Since I really need to confirm anyone’s presence.

Ahoy lucky readers, it’s been a painfully long time since I last stopped by these streets. So long. So.so.damn.long.

What can I say? I underestimated the importance of steadiness. Balance. Holding yourself accountable to a routine. Never giving up on said routine no matter how tough it gets. Finding a creative outlet to avoid spontaneous combustion. Dancing like you don’t give a WHAT whether you’ll be a (/ˈmiːm/ MEEM) or not.

So I’ve found my way back here.

Mostly for me and my sanities.

YES plural!

Hope you’re all still golden.

The White List

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I’m inspired by so many bloggers, vloggers,(HBO) writers and artistes who always seem to work their magic effortlessly. Originality may not exist, but inspiration will always find its way to you if you’re open to it..or make nicey nice with Google bot.

My obsession with interiors currently knows no bounds. Possibly because I continue to exist in shyster limbo town where I have no choice but to daydream(and scrapbook like a lil’ old lady) about my light, open and airy loft that WILL one day be mine damn it.

Though there’s a 99% probability I’ll be channelling derelicte, not DIY darling when the time comes.

I can’t stop pointing to the beauty

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4_5_09_lou_douillon_046371The Selby

Another day, another inspiring selfie floating the interweb.

This time of Lou flaunting an awe-inspiring print.

I’ve been wanting to spruce up my bedroom walls for a while- just how long can a person “reserve” blackboard paint in their shopping basket?

In the spirit of honesty/full disclosure I have to admit that fear has been holding me back, ruling it all.

Fear of not living up to the endless stream of wall inspiration…pinterest and EVERY single design blog that has ever lived, I’m looking at you!

Fear of changing my mind.

and ultimately fear of accumulating ugly sh*t.

Which is why the time has come to unleash years worth of my neglected collages on those lonely ashes walls *

Thank you and goodnight!

*please wait with bated breath for the finished product.


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Long-awaited, soon to be cherished by all. My little black book of all time favourite places, also known as my e-hood, goes a little like;

1. A well traveled woman– filled with endlessly inspiring snapshots of her adventures; I truly am in awe of this woman!

2. What Katie Ate– food, glorious food. Oh Katie, I think love you.

3. Decade Diary

4. Garance-you better believe I’ll be giving this woman a hug when we eventually meet.

5. Jak&Jil– went up the hill and became a mountain of inspiration.*

6. Langley Fox

7. Pennyweight

8. Here I Am– painstakingly honest and beautifully written.

9. Gala– radically dancing to the beat of her own drums. Hey Gala, will you be my guru?

10.Note to Self–  many less eloquent notes to self have been written by moi.

The common denominator here is simplicity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been visually (not to mention emotionally) assaulted by flashy graphics and unnecessary pop-ups. When in doubt, please just let your content speak for itself.

Happy Thursday!

* something about writing this is making me question my sanity

Petal Peony Posey-toe

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Ben Giles 400wiBen Giles

I was hoping to complete my not-so-annual Christmas collage, but alas, I’m beat. So so beat.

Ben Giles’ work is like staring into a rose-coloured mirror, similar to my work, only brighter, lighter and floaralier too. But I love it nonetheless.

Merry Christmas everyone or a Happy Holidays to those don’t ummm, swing that way. The time has come to stuff our bellies and shuffle our feet.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year and I hope the same for all of you dear anonymous.


Fire Talk With Me

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the beautiful Selby

Time spent explaining your wants, your needs, failed grand gestures, pet peeves, inflation, the weather-you catch my drift- is exhausting. And admittedly I spent too much time doing just that this week.

This just in.. “Even though we think we have control, we spend every moment of our waking lives trying to express, understand and articulate what we’re feeling or experiencing on this foreign planet” -2or3 Things Blog.

Take a break from all the talking I know you’ve been doing and go ogle some art!


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I used to think that as long as I had me some cupcakes, all was well with the world. I was wrong, for there are many types of cupcakes, bittter goeey ones or even worse..ones with raisins!

Let’s delve a little further into my psyche shall we?

I had a lethargic week despite a heavy workload. I may have lost  about 1/12th of my body weight all because I couldn’t muster up the energy to prepare much else except bread, grapes and green tea. Almost forgot about them cheese and tomatoes too. Luckily hunger pangs and mild hallucinations lead to poignant revelations about oneself, if you don’t beleive me, just ask Jesus.

For one, nobody does a better “Hey so what if everything’s gone to the dogs, wanna dance?” than me. Also, I happen to love cold tea.

I met with an old bearded friend- not Jesus but he did run, without food, IN the desert- who made realise that I haven’t even scratched the surface of the things I set out to do since circa 1999. Turns out I’ve been pitifully circling the same nonsensities and whining about them for the past (365 multiplied by 3) that’s right, three times the number of days in one year.*

Que triste.

*My brain ain’t North Korea guys, you do the Math!