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As in a mic check.

Since I really need to confirm anyone’s presence.

Ahoy lucky readers, it’s been a painfully long time since I last stopped by these streets. So long. So.so.damn.long.

What can I say? I underestimated the importance of steadiness. Balance. Holding yourself accountable to a routine. Never giving up on said routine no matter how tough it gets. Finding a creative outlet to avoid spontaneous combustion. Dancing like you don’t give a WHAT whether you’ll be a (/ˈmiːm/ MEEM) or not.

So I’ve found my way back here.

Mostly for me and my sanities.

YES plural!

Hope you’re all still golden.

I can’t stop pointing to the beauty

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4_5_09_lou_douillon_046371The Selby

Another day, another inspiring selfie floating the interweb.

This time of Lou flaunting an awe-inspiring print.

I’ve been wanting to spruce up my bedroom walls for a while- just how long can a person “reserve” blackboard paint in their shopping basket?

In the spirit of honesty/full disclosure I have to admit that fear has been holding me back, ruling it all.

Fear of not living up to the endless stream of wall inspiration…pinterest and EVERY single design blog that has ever lived, I’m looking at you!

Fear of changing my mind.

and ultimately fear of accumulating ugly sh*t.

Which is why the time has come to unleash years worth of my neglected collages on those lonely ashes walls *

Thank you and goodnight!

*please wait with bated breath for the finished product.

Petal Peony Posey-toe

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Ben Giles 400wiBen Giles

I was hoping to complete my not-so-annual Christmas collage, but alas, I’m beat. So so beat.

Ben Giles’ work is like staring into a rose-coloured mirror, similar to my work, only brighter, lighter and floaralier too. But I love it nonetheless.

Merry Christmas everyone or a Happy Holidays to those don’t ummm, swing that way. The time has come to stuff our bellies and shuffle our feet.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year and I hope the same for all of you dear anonymous.



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I so happened to find these through another blogger, and I find them pretty blogtastic. Obviously the blogger’s name is not Proust.

1.What I shall like to be; Balanced. And if that fails, Spidey’s sidekick. Batman had Robin and Alfred. Superman doesn’t deserve one, although one can argue Lois Lane bla bla.., you see where i’m going with this?

2.My main fault; Indecisiveness, absolute paranoia and fear of devastation- tsunami’s and a world full of horrible sequels and prequels. Think ‘Hangover- the Baby years’.

3.My favourite names; Hana, Nico, Finn, Eli.

4. What I hate most of all; Mmm that’s a tough potato. I’ll settle for passive aggression.

5. My Hero/Heroine in fiction; Heathcliff- Wuthering Heights, Astrid- White Oleander, Sabina- Unbearable Lightness of Being

6. My favourite poets; Max Ehrmann- who wrote the ‘Desiderata of Happiness’, probably the most uncomplicated poem ever written. Mitsuo Aida, and sometimes Maya Angelou; M and M’s !

7. My dream of happiness; Travelling the world with a Leica/Olympus in hand.

8. My motto; “Oh Snap!”

Holy Luke

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© cococollage

Dear Readers

Its not that I forgot about you, I just had other, far more pressing things to do;

Stare out of my 4th floor window par example.

Pretend to write a business plan

Day dream about fleeing the country

Etcetera Etcetera

From now on, my presence will be more. Just more!! Like that song: “More, More, More!!


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© cococollage

The Latin word for leisure. Something I’ve not been having very much of. Well ..not counting the hours spent watching Animal Planet type docs and cooking shows.

My laptop broke earlier this week, so I’ll be back to “normal” blogging duties on Monday.

Zen and the Art of Overcoat Maintenance

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Spring’s in the air. I said SPRING’S IN THE AIRRRRR!

February, the month with no official purpose except to drive suicidal thoughts into the minds of single people. I don’t know about you, but I’m holding on for Spring. Spring, the only season in which I’m appropriately dressed.

So I’ve been taking hour long walks to clear my head. Circling the hood to catch glimpses of life blooming in parks; its lush, super nice and all that.

No eloquent words of wisdom today, my brain hurts from scribbling too many things on notebooks and drafting haphazard emails in form of LFW ticket requests. 

Oh and i’m no longer going to Denmark. Yoda never had to explain himself, and so “needn’t not I do”. Or would that be “need not do I”?

Yoda was a smart one.

You, Me, the Living

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To continue the series of extraordinary (read unfortunate) events that has been my month/5 weeks thus far….

I met someone, to be fair he met me- but that’s a different story- started a semi-courtship with that someone and was starting to really like that someone until “Poof!”, like the many magic dragons that came before him, he was gone. No warning, no word of his return, no nothing. 

So I would like to take a minute if I may, and say A BIG..FAT…PUCK YOU to fate and its intervening ways. Suppose I needed that stone cold slap in the face ?

The Game of Life host man/person: “He’s Not that Into you…. a) he’s a douchebag b) a coward c) other

Me: Hmm… that’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with…(pause) A !

TGLHMP: Final Answer?

Me:  Definitely my final answer

TGLHMP: (Prolonged pause. Cue the faint sound of a ticking clock)Well that is unfortunately the wrong answer.

But remember, there are no losers in the game of life!!

Anomaly Annamolly?

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I’ve had more chhh chh changes in the past 4 days than I thought possible;
Monday- Bland “date” night; me ogling Subway sandwiches mid conversation.
Tuesday- Attempted “its not you, its me” email, message clearly not understood. Proceeded to stuff face with Chinese food in a questionable Soho restaurant amidst talk of tough love and questionable employment choices.
Wednesday- suspiciously eyeing radiator for fear of gas leak and death through asphyxiation. Sleepless night on back breaking sofa.
Thursday- Interviewing interns, slurring through conversation. Sleep, just want sleep! And sandwich, maybe some soup too. Ohh sweet food, thy name is Annamolly?

ps regard as skewed case study; I am not a comfort eater

Revolver,The Goner

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New Year’s resolutions are for babies!! Yup you heard it here first. Only babies need to uh, grooooo…?-ok nevermind that one’s going nowhere fast.

I never seem to remember what my resolutions are. Get cape, wear cape, fly? Chat less shit? For all you non UK residents, “chat less shit” is a term notoriously used by English rappers, I crack up everytime I hear it.I’m twelve years old remember?

This year I’ve made a simple vow to resolve all the epic fails of the year before. The ones weighing heavily on my left shoulder,yes specifically my left shoulder. Yep i’m resolving to empty that barrel of gooey tar i’ve been schlepping around for a while.

I may not have mentioned it, but last year was by far the most stressful year of my life. Definitely worse than that one time in band camp or when I was forced to sit through Avatar.
I changed career, moved house twice, went under the knife (preschoolers, tweens, Justin Bieber fans) that means I had surgery. Not, I repeat NOT, COSMETIC; so no lipsuction, no nips, no tucks) all within a 6 month period. At one point I could have sworn a vein was going to pop out of my neck; I kid you not. Guess you can say I had me alotta lotta time to think.

I thought about care bears, travelling the world, converting to Dudeism even. And just like that the year was 2012 and the world as we knew it was dust, and we were all lava juice. A Special Thank you to Mr Nostradamus !!

I am where I am- blogging to you from cyberspace; wassup!!!- because of the choices I made and the ones I obviously decided against. The one thing I failed to make happen was a much needed financial overhaul, so I can afford my own living and separate working space. Everything else at this point takes a back seat. Freelancing 7 days a week, 364 days a year-(minus my birthday, that day reserved for me, myself, my cupcakes and my jellybeans)- in fashion terms, means i’ll be broke as a joke for the foreseeable future. That means no Alaïa nothing! “she concludes, sobbing inconsolably.”

So my weekend message of suppa duppa cheer and love is; choose wisely. At some you’ll have to silence the noise to figure out what makes you happy. Not your Mummy or Daddy. Not your Facebook friends. Not your agent/boss/pimp/benefactor. YOU!

And i’m back to eating “my” brownies.