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Sorry, sorry, sorrrry

I’m here now that counts for something right?

The truth is something’s gotta give (sidebar: BAD movie by the same name) when you’re juggling too much.

And a juggler I am not.

In fact let it be known that I proudly snub the word multi-tasking.

So much so that I would challenge Einstein, if he were alive and kicking, to prove what I have known to be true for some time.. prolonged periods spent multitasking=ADHD.

Now that that’s off my chest…

Curious what’s been taking up a bunch of my brainspace?

IMG_20140611_224128Blog pic-K&W



Is it a bird, a Boeing 756907, something to do with the new Aquaman movie?

No, nope, and heck no! Just my quest to find answers from creative entrepreneurs about how (oh how) they got started and my lifelong preoccupation with what fuels inspiration. KING&why (launched on Friday) will be featuring cartoonists, bloggers, illustrators, e-writers , vloggers and all round awesome people who have been generous enough to answer our prying questions.

Some are household names- Gavin Aung Than of Zenpencils for example and others you’ll just wish you knew.

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