Scuttle full of folly

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tumblr_mhs4m6GSVg1qdv25no2_1280Julian Race photography

Between you and me I needed a fancy word for bucket

and a synonym for crazy

There’s been a lot of involuntary spring cleaning going on in this little head of mine, which may or may not be the result of post-holiday tripping and my workload slowing down. So I’ve been thinking/ questioning/thinking;

hot lemon or lime water?

what my pajama size is..guess I’ll find out when I’m 80

banana hangers.. necessity or health hazard?

bada** nose piercing or washboard abs?

which is more likely to cause long lasting trauma.. Those who Kill or Criminal Minds? Then again if 7 seasons of Criminal Minds hasn’t done the trick..

whether I’m certified insane for wanting to launch my own e-zine?

Sitting still, waiting patiently while the universe works its magic, I’ll confess isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Level 8 yogi* or not.

*I hope you know there’s no such thing, otherwise I’m afraid for you, I really am!