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tumblr_m6c1yaowVr1rw3fqbo1_r1_1280Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine

I can’t see into the future so I can’t claim to know what 2014 will bring, but I do know them horoscopes.

I see you judging.

If you must know, I read them for my amusement. You know me, I can’t get enough of amusement. Not now, not never!

The condensed version of my annual fortune had some interesting and some forgettable points.

The good: something about my dazzling powers of attraction, the lunar eclipse igniting my house of passion and that i’ll be takin’ care of business.

The bad/ugly: exploring my inner landscape is supposedly a form of journeying that may prevent me from globe trotting until mid-july -what the duck should I do about that mid-march trip to Morocco oh wise cosmos?

I didn’t exactly start the year with a pep in my step, in fact it’s been the opposite. I haven’t seen the inside of my yoga studio in weeks and I’m struggling to believe its possible for a human being to be this tired.

But I’m going with it, no judgement.

You wait and see, my unbridled passion will ignite from a catnap.