Kill your Darling Doubtings

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On the eve of the big 3-0*, in between streaming Before Midnight and massaging my feet with an overpowering “aloe” scented lotion, I hit the pause button to remind myself of things I’ll be fighting tooth and nail to change;

  1. Feeling even a hint of embarrassment at the guileless toothy grin I get each time I read or think about Jesse and Celine.
  2. Guilt of any kind.
  3. Anxiety of every kind.
  4. Apologizing for my not-even-all-that-messy room/work space*
  5. Fast and the Furious, seriously I’m done with all of yous.
  6. Entertaining more than 10 second conversations about the weather, diets or delayed transport.
  7. Choosing complex, showy poses over simple yet crazy heart opening back bends and forward folds.
  8. Measuring my life in feats and fortunes.
  9. Not reading in bed
  10. Taking anything personally.

*One for you Sammy.

Incidentally this is the only birthday I find myself not being weird and melancholy about, almost like my body is so over my melodramatic twenties already. Hilary Duff wasn’t wrong when she said it’s all so yesterday.

Ok she might not have used those exact words, but I think you catch my drift.

If you don’t, I expect you’re part of the select few waiting with bated breath for Fast and Furious 10!?