The Interpreter of Melodies

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tumblr_inline_mvlkahLaA71qgx4kvCaroline Issa@Jcrew

Multi-tasking can be a pain.

A big phat one.

Similar to the gnawing* pain that currently lives in my ribcage from attempting all sorts of crazy sh*t, as my yoga teacher so aptly put it.

Then an image like that of Ms Issa working a cooking party for one pops up, reminding me little pleasures is where its at, where I should direct my gaze whenever I’m out of breath.

More of my jams as of late:

Serene hummingbird killing me softly with beaker/breakfast tray inspiration; WHAT?!

30 seconds to kill aka a stream of consciousness, the perfect elevator backdrop I’m stealing using one day.

Hidden Orchestra; my constant companion, I’m not kidding when I say this is the soundtrack to everything 

* a gross exaggeration, its more a tickle at this point.