I can’t stop pointing to the beauty

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4_5_09_lou_douillon_046371The Selby

Another day, another inspiring selfie floating the interweb.

This time of Lou flaunting an awe-inspiring print.

I’ve been wanting to spruce up my bedroom walls for a while- just how long can a person “reserve” blackboard paint in their shopping basket?

In the spirit of honesty/full disclosure I have to admit that fear has been holding me back, ruling it all.

Fear of not living up to the endless stream of wall inspiration…pinterest and EVERY single design blog that has ever lived, I’m looking at you!

Fear of changing my mind.

and ultimately fear of accumulating ugly sh*t.

Which is why the time has come to unleash years worth of my neglected collages on those lonely ashes walls *

Thank you and goodnight!

*please wait with bated breath for the finished product.