50 shades of geek

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Every now and then a week drops so much knowledge on you, you can’t help but share;

  • Sleeping is what the cool kids do to stay upright and lucid.
  • Only JCrew the Great can get away with using like a champ.
  • Why did it take you a full 140 minutes of The Great Beauty to discover the Torino Ensemble? Huh why?
  • Whole Foods holds the power to bankrupt you one day.
  • You may never grow into the mushroom hair look/cut.
  • Drop repository into a sentence and watch the magic unveil.
  • Read. the. f*&%*ng. care. instructions. before. washing. a. designer.dress. you. idi$*!!
  • Who is this E person and how do I track this wise woman/child/ man down?
  • Ok Charlie Hunnam, you got me. Time to tackle that chick lit crap.