Crazy 88

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Well it would be if 88 were the product of 19 multiplied by itself.


Only the list of 19 shyster things people do in their 20’s and need to stop doing. Pronto!

As I nurse the crippling pain in my left hip, telling anyone who asks that I’m the brave survivor of cruel torture,  I’m reminded of Number14.

Stop rejecting the potential to feel pain.

Stop rejecting the potential to feel pain.

I have to be coaxed me into doing the splits, no lie. And EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I cringe and try to not sigh too loudly as I would probably be deemed a pathetic little baby otherwise. Not because the splits are that far from my reach, but because my body strongly objects to discomfort and pain. I mean what self respecting human being wouldn’t resist being pushed to their limits at 10 am?

I’m rambling.

The point is life is hard death is harder?

The point is I know I tend to run a mile from anything that is likely to hurt, physically/ metaphysically/anything in between. I know I should stop and think of the words many a yoga/dance teacher once told me “Find your edge(dammit)!” *

The list

*a magical place somewhere over the rainbows, where like some Borg once said, resistance is futile.