I ain’t never squealin’..

Other Loves


And if I did, I would just deny, deny, deny!

Puppy love makes me want to regurgitate lemons. Fact. Yet somewhere deep inside, entangled within my cardiac chamber lies a longstanding love for great love stories.

I can’t even begin to sum up what I feel about the Before franchise. I’m not being flippant, I have tried and I just can’t do it.Maybe someday neatly penned in 500 pages or more.

What I do know is that Richard Linklater made want to study/make/dream filmmaking, and I even did, for a split second. But that’s a story for the grand kids. And as for Julie and Ethan, they manage to reveal a lesson about love, ” soul mates are not (always) lifetime loves”. Yes it s@cks, bl#%s and all that jazz, but it is the stone cold unfortunate truth.

Here’s to the impending release of ‘Before Midnight’, my little of ray of sun on otherwise ‘meh’ Thursday.

insert squeal here————– you know you want to.