Ooh Aah and a Pear tree

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On the D-minus 6 days before Christmas, my true love gave to me.. Pinterest and a pear tree.

Find me, follow me, love me.

I’m finding ways to distract myself/calm the frenzy, before the cheeriness of Christmas unfolds. I’m looking forward to the old-watching Oliver Twist, Family Stone, the new- wearing black and yellow y’all and some funky traditions- refilling my glass of sherry, port or whatever grown up likeur I can get my hands on.

You may have noticed the distinct lack of ‘Gift Ideas’ and the usual seasonal bloglossary. Yeah I don’t do that.

I never understood the need for frivolous gifting- no judgement here- I personally get hypertensive at the thought of buying for the sake of, especially during the holidays. I don’t recall Jesus asking for presents, do you?

I DO however love the idea of starting small , home made gifting (I love me some jam anything edible ) snow, Pyjama days and tacky Christmas sweaters too.

*unfortunately I’m minus the pear tree.