Tender was the Night

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I happen to be good at keeping things hush hush, even weeks after the event has actually taken place. Guess I should thank spy school for that.

Farfetch’s ‘Digital Dress’ had me working those significant stomach muscles, mula bandha for all ye yogi’s out there; standing for 5 hours straight will do that to a person. The tripthelightfantastic Elms Lesters Painting Room made it bearable and then some. Though I do recommend you perfect your aficionado pout before making the trip.

On another note, am I alone in not feeling specially rested from that extra hour of sleep gained? Gone are the good old days in which manual handling was a necessity.

*Despite what the “man” will have you believe, no megabucks phone is a substitute for your real life, heavy handed, in yo’ face camera. I learnt my lesson the hard way!