Blink dottie..I said blink

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I’m hunched over my laptop for 10, sometimes 12 hours a day.

Believe you me, I cringed as I wrote that and crossed whichever fingers lingered spare, in hopes that I don’t spontaneously morph in to Hugo overnight.

The best part of day-to-day life are the pauses I take to connect to various Tumblrs, and a multitude of food, travel,interior and photography sites that are bookmarked to be browsed until computer says no. Each one is a never ending supply of simple, untouched, iridescent imagery my brain happily stores as inspiration. Inspiration that helps to keep me sane while I skid through life and inevitable “Chhhhhanges”.

How can I ever express my gratitude to these e-geniuses? I just darn gone and done it I think.