Joanie gone Rogue

Fashion, photography


I couldn’t have dreamt up a more befitting space than a hollow parking lot, or a face more suited to this editorial than the awesome Ms Smalls.

It’s a little strange that I don’t “dissect” more editorials given it’s what I’m itching to do with a chunk of my remaining days here on Earth. You know..offer my wisdom and guidance to wayward photographers. Restore order to a set filled with frou-frou models, star struck entourage and their furry carry-ons; all the while nonchalantly chewing on a piece of soft candy.

Scraggly look, I salute you!

That said excuse me while I take a minute to apologise to my grandmother..It’s true, no self-respecting 28 year old WOULD leave the house looking unkempt. Shucks, I mus’ not be the marrying kind.