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It’s almost impossible to hold a grudge or have a care in the world when the tropics descend on your neck of the woods..almost being the operative word. London, I almost gave up on you kid.

I’ve been determined to ‘find the ease’-something Tara has mastered and talks about freely-and allow myself to be surprised by things, people, flora. The alternative is to obssess about outcomes however small they may seem.  Trying to be supernatural in ways of exerting control I’ll admit, makes for an agitated stress ball, all because I can’t help but wanting too much, too soon.

And now the powers that be have kindly kicked me in the behind, reminding me when in doubt, just let it be man, just let it be.

Another post to be filed under cryptic sh*t? Yeah I hear ya.

ps. SousStyle, I love you more than words than express.