Crimson Cava


I’m proud to say that i’ve been consumed by the Olympics the last 10 days, which is honestly what has kept me awake, away from civilization, my blogging duties and side projects.

Depsite the sad excuse of a summer, London has been set alight by the games, people have never been warmer (minus the perpetual grumps) and I now find myself planning a trip to Rio for the 2016 games like a true Olympiad groupie. And by planning, I mean dreaming like a 5 year old pleading for a teeny tiny puppy because she’s been really good this year Santa, promise.

Games aside, I’m surrounded by magazine cut-outs (really what the hell else is new), swanky hotel folk, strange smells,fallen umbrella’s and even stranger noises from the distance, what I can only assume is a fox battling his or her nemesis.