9 Crimes

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1.1 day weekend, no explanation needed.

2.Sending a strange boy an embarrassing email.

3.Lack of impulse control, see #2.

4. Snow White and the Huntsman.

5.A rainy Sunday soundtrack of Sarah Mclachlan and Damien Rice; next step rrrrock bottom?

6.Perpetually  jobseeking**


8. Neck muscle spasms***

9.Re-reading I like to fork myself****


* how many times must I be reminded that nothing good EVER comes from facebook, only awkward times. Also beware of stranger danger!

** oh the joys of freelancing

***just one of those lucky few that gets random body spasms/twitches when I get real(and I mean J-LO real) tired.

****scratching the surface of a very serious conversation to be had about dear Daul and the downsides of being a pretty face.