Love in the time of Lem Lem

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I am continuously blown away by Liya’s grace and ingenuity*. A few dozen companies could learn from Lem Lem’s philantrophic ways. Now, if only my income bracket would level peggy with their price range.

Unrelated, but equally (if not more) entertaining; I met a friend over the weekend who confessed that she was “a little bit psychic”. I’m not sure what my response was, probably something polite, of a head nodding variety; my go-to in moments of awkwardness.

Given the events of the last 48 hours, I would like to say that I too am Spartacus  charmed by a foreboding feeling. I predicted something so precisely timed; think a Ninja assassin drop kicking a long time nemesis in the elbow.

It happened on Monday. It was not pretty. And yes, I still feel like hugging my blanket!

*the second time I find myself using ingenuity today; why?