Saint Camellia Kissi

Fashion, Other


Rather than pursuing a Valentine, I find myself loving up my moisturiser instead. It seems I lucked out with Camellia, the gosh darn swooniest of face oils.

Not to worry for I haven’t lost the plot yet. Just slowy slipping into slumberland. Writing about far away destinations and quixotic journeys is making me want to a) bust a move and b) bust a move whilst sailing the seven seas.

On another more coherent note, loyal readers will be disapointed to know that I’m saying he** no to fashion week this month, meaning no swanky pictures from the back row. I ask you this, it possible to strike a cool and collected pose with chattering teeth and knocking knees, cause baby it’s way too cold outside and so it’s hibernation until Spring. Can’t say i’m excited by any upcoming trend so no love lost.

I lie, the purring 20’s and I go way back, like butter and toast.