Every time I log in I ask myself if and how time has managed to suck me into a black hole. No idea how 5 days have come and gone, but here I am forcing myself to relay my week for the sake of. Not that I don’t enjoy it. Writing is one of the few things that connects my consciousness. The other lately, has been yoga, which is why Briohny could not have come at a better time.

Spending days cooped up indoors, even worse, in my room working on deadlines, has left me feeling deplete and antsy. My sunday routine is meant to be a sweaty afternoon class, a million miles away, yet so amazingly restorative it’s worth every mile I take. I found the exact opposite of that release the last 72 hours, until little Ms Contortionist came along.

Not only do I want to master the handstand so bad- the only other pose besides the headstand that scares the living crap out of me, most likely to do with the number of times i’ve injured myself in the past doing wild things*-I also want her loft..BAD(keep an eye out for those bad boy boots).

Watch the video and don’t fret.. you too can have nice underwear!

Frick, with words like ‘connecting my consciousness’, god only knows what lies beyond for me.

there’s a fun yoga pose called ‘wild thing’; yep, bonus trivia for you on this here sunday eve.