We bought a Zoo

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Topshop Booties |Vtg chunky knit sweater| Kurt Geiger boots

Vtg MCM carry allVtg gold bracelets |Vtg Bally Bag | Topshop Suede Shorts| Vtg Escada Leather Shorts 

As in the royal ‘I’ went and bought myself a whole bunch of stuff to fill a gaping hole.. no not in my heart. I’ve been on a mission for over a year now to acquire quality essentials, that I love, for less than say the average mortgage, which is why most of these bad boys are vintage finds.

The End? Not quite.

The operative word is love not like, which is why i’m continuing to purge my wardrobe to swap, sell or bin every single ‘pfffff’ and ’emmm’ item I own like its the day after tomorrow, and I urge everyone to do the same. Is it ever worth holding on to things that weigh you down?

Did you not get the memo? I’m an ordained preacher woman now. So don’t you go taking my words lightly, or else!

On another note this Vanity Fair piece is responsible for my peaking interest in both amateur diagnostics and zoo keeping.