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I was tempted to do a “hey looky look at the stuff I got over Christmas” post but I figured why rush things, all my sh*t isn’t here yet- sadly folks I have a smug look on my face as I write this. Santa, you did good this year, real good son.

In spite of my abundant material wealth, I did learn a very valuable lesson don’t buy bling on ebay  if you want something bad, stop whining about it, in fact don’t breathe a word. Write it down, visualise it, and go make it happen. People- yes, i’m a people too- spend a whole lot of much time talking, talking, talking about their dream truck/tractor/hovercraft to any willing audience as if in search of approval. Unless you need someone’s help or advice with putting a life long dream into action; shhhhhhh!!

Also, there’s nothing wrong with dancing with yourself or kicking back Lykke style

Happy New Year, please stay safe and try not to regurgitate in my vicinity.