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as in the latest titillated episode of ‘How to Make it’, the show never that fails to humour me and fellow slum doggers.

I’m on the fast track to becoming one of those bloody bloggers that recycles sh*t. You know what I mean, fffound images that really don’t need, or in fact ever asked for a second home, sourced as inspiration of the day/week/season.

The truth is I’m not lacking in inspiration, but in energy (the duracell bunny kind). Divvying myself up into equal pieces; starting a new job -I’m officially allowed the bragging rights of homeworker, BOOYA- keeping the magazine alive, staying sane, attempting to date, makes the obvious remnant ‘Who.What.Blog?’

ps. The Award for the BESTEST lookbook that ever did live goes to ‘Scotch and Soda’ for their Maison Scotch campaign.

Who run the world, Girls!