I guess it would be politically impromptu to say I have vanilla friends I wish to get rid of. I see some collective nods towards the back.

Fine, I’ll stick with vanilla. Plain. Safe. Elementary.VANILLA(no ice ice)

After being zapped into a special place called utopia- very brief, but very bright- I realised i’ve been choosing a little safety net called familiarity for too long. So much so that in turn its become my kryptonite-complete with chest pains, convulsions, complete paralysis of the upper body.

Saying yes to people, places, things that have not challenged me, is making me a bitter old  twig. And the last thing I want right now are frown lines. Because botox is nobody’s business.

And so in conclusion class, “Vanilla is frenemy of the state. Go get yourself some Lemon sorbet with a scoop of pistachio’s” ie. if you’re through making tired excuses, put yourself out there, make new amigo’s, change scenery.

ehh, looks like I had me a fashion post planned. The mind really IS deceitful above all thingys.

Over and out!