Empire of Pain


© cococollage

New York, New York,the big Apple. The biggest apple in one big crazy orchard in fact.

From being detained at NOT one, but TWO airports due to a freakish visa complication, to missing my connecting flight to the Empire State, and spending a rogue night at an inn with its very own 24-hour waffle house, its been without a doubt the most adrenaline fused trip I have ever experienced.

Still, i’ve found it easy to feel a borrowed sense of familiarity and comfort wandering the streets of Soho, Williamsburg, Spanish Harlem ,etcetera etcetera, and I am now questioning why I choose to call London home. Despite its own set of problems,its a known fact that people on this side of the pond are friendlier, more open, and blessed with an almost alarmingly high number of Adonises.

Time to investigate my exit plan from the UK?