Rush of Blood


From top: Ferragamo Shoulder bag| Visconti mini handbag| Visconti Bagpack| Delveux Bagpack| Vintage (60’s) handbag

Red’s got a hold on me, sounds strange but its all kinds of true.

It all started when I walked into my apartment a year and a half ago, and found a centerpiece red wall staring straight at me. Something clicked and till now the only explanation for my ‘red or dead high’ is that it somehow corresponds with where I am at in life. I’m a closet hippie and always will be, so I’m a big fan of the use and impact of colour therapy.

Ooh and about the bags, they’re just a gentle reminder that best things in life are free. Ok maybe not gratis, but when I say these were a ‘steal’, I sure do mean it.

Ahhh the joys of dumpster diving*

*that would be derelicte flea markets, ebay and above all, nimble hands my friends, nimble hands!