Meanwhile telephones crouch..



Fudge it all! I really hoped to be posting more than once a week, sorry.

After all writers write, bloggers blog, snoozers loose..or end up Snookified?Truth is i’m struggling hard to stick to any emblem of structure right now, and so the inevitable guilt follows.

Guilt is EVEL plain and simply as it keeps me awake at ungodly hours. I can think of a million things I rather be doing than strolling through daily thoughts of epic fails. Me thinkst I’m need of an assistant who I can pay in crumbs or “vintage” cast-offs.

picture taken in Paris last year. Reminds me of happy travelling days.

Although I should rethink that happy. Just failed to enter in a travel photography competition as I am clearly incapable of following simple instructions. ADHD or Lupus? Ummm and to that list of ‘needs’ I shall be adding a small team of diagnosticians. Thank you and Good Night!