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I so happened to find these through another blogger, and I find them pretty blogtastic. Obviously the blogger’s name is not Proust.

1.What I shall like to be; Balanced. And if that fails, Spidey’s sidekick. Batman had Robin and Alfred. Superman doesn’t deserve one, although one can argue Lois Lane bla bla.., you see where i’m going with this?

2.My main fault; Indecisiveness, absolute paranoia and fear of devastation- tsunami’s and a world full of horrible sequels and prequels. Think ‘Hangover- the Baby years’.

3.My favourite names; Hana, Nico, Finn, Eli.

4. What I hate most of all; Mmm that’s a tough potato. I’ll settle for passive aggression.

5. My Hero/Heroine in fiction; Heathcliff- Wuthering Heights, Astrid- White Oleander, Sabina- Unbearable Lightness of Being

6. My favourite poets; Max Ehrmann- who wrote the ‘Desiderata of Happiness’, probably the most uncomplicated poem ever written. Mitsuo Aida, and sometimes Maya Angelou; M and M’s !

7. My dream of happiness; Travelling the world with a Leica/Olympus in hand.

8. My motto; “Oh Snap!”