Dirty Pretty Things



Snuff said. That’s right I said SNUFF- been watching too much Nurse Jackie.  

Too many editorials blur the dotted line between art and perversion*. Lame people like to call it “Pushing the envelope”. To which I happily respond “What f*&^ing envelope?” Hands up if you’ve ever been too embarrassed to breeze through a fashion mag, in say ..a bus full of grannies, school kids or you know..people, in fear of being beaten up, hissed at?…ME, ME, I AM !!

Someone get me some XXL  brown paper bags. 

*Obviously these are reasonably “clean” images, I wouldn’t want to rattle my adoring tween fans.

ps. I’m officially an ebay addict or aficionado, to sound more awesome. Then again, I dare anyone who snagged a YSL Rive Gauche skirt for like nada (and by nada  I mean £9.95 MUA HA HA ) to withstand its temptation. 

Gosh Dang you ebay and your luring  powers!!