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Deja Vu. I posted one of the above- think Where’s Wally, spot the difference,- about a year ago but my slippery fingers accidentally deleted the post; ummm and ahh..

Marveled by House and his continuous decline. Words can’t describe how much I love that  show right now. Haven’t watched it yet? well prepare to be slapped in the face by the demi god that is Hugh Laurie. I feel like nerding out, worshipping the writers of the show for like a day.

Slightly disturbed though that i’m more interested in fictional characters than with reality right now. Think its the need for a trek of some kind to snap people and places instead of forcefully engaging in small talk. Speaking of snaps, I shot a teeny weeny look book earlier this week. Mandatory marathon session coming up to sort out pictures; bleurgh.

And I’m speechless thinking, hearing and reading about the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, so I’m giving back the best way I know how, donating a suitcase of clothes and shoes. This could have easily happened elsewhere, to me, you, or someone you know and love, so do something to help. It will take you 5 minutes.

Seriously, set a stop watch if you don’t believe me.

ps Happy Birthday to my Mum, Brother, and St Patrick!