the Eraser


© cococollage

Blurry, grainy pictures are the bane of my existence, so i’m sorry for some of the shitty pictures i’ve posted the last couple of weeks. Some could not be masked under the guise of “creative photography”, they were just blurry shite.

Ever since Fuji-san got “fixed” at the camera shop something feels very wrong, something HAS been very wrong. The focus is sporadic or just off, and now I’m desperately seeking Susan  a shiny new model to replace it. SHOW..ME..THE MONEYYYYY!!

The colour shots are from Amsterdam Fashion week last year. Back in the hay day when I would point, shoot and wham bam; “PESTO SAUCE”!! 

“What was the point of this post” I hear someone mutter. Ask yourself this before you judge; “what’s the point of marmite, vegemite, ugg boots, AND the upcoming remake of ‘Old Boy’?

Geez how cool are these updo’s by the by? Memo to self, do it!!!