Lit Pony


 © cococollage

Work horses and show ponies.Dirty pretty things and frills stuffed into goodie bags. Endless hours spent schmoozing and not losing composure. Cappuccino, coconut cake, and an alias known as the ‘blonde salad’? 

An appearance from The Sart and his lady love Garance. Runway walks and air kisses( oh yeah SOME people still do that). Feathered coats, mismatched toes and some wacky jewellery too- eeeeek the cat!!

So lucky to have been part of my best London Fashion week yet. Made some bubbly new friends, people watched amateurishly, picture took hurriedly and giggled unashamedly at smoking hot guy in maroon sweater- Where forth art thou sweater guy? I saw you do a double take, I swear I did. Why so shy, its 2011!

Anyways its time to get realer than Dr Phil and hibernate for a while- poor body surviving on what must have been 800 calories a day. I salute you fierce but malnourished body, I salute you and I’m sorry too.