© cococollage

Estethica, the annual incentive by powerhouse Monsoon- continues to rightfully champion sustainable Fashion, and today’s brunch in the early hours of Somerset House was no exception. A miniature trump tower of delicatessen and bubbly. An endless influx of creative takes on reinvented, ready to wear pieces. An endless stream of tomorrow’s talent.

I was especially giddy (and I really do mean giddy) over LU FLUX, The North Circular- and their trip the light fantastic cove of knitted pieces, Kumvana Gomani and Michelle Lowe-Holder- eccentric delicate masterpieces masked as jewellery.

And last but not least, Little Glass Clementine, the ‘beautifully dismantled’ collection of recycled jewels by Clementine Jones,which could only call for a double, a triple take even.