Dark Lover’s Spit


© cococollage  H&M wannabe leather top| Where studded wedges

Its been a busy week. A busy but good week. My head feels like a bright red balloon ready to pop. Thankfully yoga/pilates saved my life when I least expected it. Not that I tried taking my life just so we’re clear.

A project (one that’s not paid in monopoly money)dropped from the sky (let’s just say a mysterious email arrived in my inbox)on Monday morning of all days and it made me sigh from relief since one had ended the Friday before. Problem is I just saw my workload double (the pleasure, double the fun, with double mint, double mint, double mint gum- that would be from Equus dearies), triple even. 

Ok so good night! Good night? I have an early start and lots of fun Fashion week stuff to ponder..most likely in my sleep.

Also please wake me when Valentine’s Day is over mmmk?