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The first time I watched ‘Bande A Part’- edit ehh I mean ‘Breathless’. I must have gone  “Holy Crap”.

Holy Crap at Jean’s hair and Jean’s style, Jean’s accent and pretty much Jean’s everything. I think she was the reason why I cut my hair to near nothing. Well, why I let my sister and her friend cut my hair to near nothing. It was good and I felt free. And then I felt like shit for a few months as people kept staring and making dumb remarks.

5 years on and i’m used to feeling damn good about my salute to Jean; my inner tomboy shall never be silenced!!

I do find myself making more of an effort to “dress up” these days. In fact I am now planning ahead. NINE days ahead to precise, so I don’t end up in a state of “Oh shit, SHIT, everything is total shit. Forget it I’m going to miss the show. Just go without me !”

ps camera’s the fuzzy one, not my eye or anything. I may well start a “Buy me an Olympus fund”. Please give generously, leave a tip if you will. Old man laptop is also nearing its death.