Zen and the Art of Overcoat Maintenance

collages, Fashion

© cococollage

Spring’s in the air. I said SPRING’S IN THE AIRRRRR!

February, the month with no official purpose except to drive suicidal thoughts into the minds of single people. I don’t know about you, but I’m holding on for Spring. Spring, the only season in which I’m appropriately dressed.

So I’ve been taking hour long walks to clear my head. Circling the hood to catch glimpses of life blooming in parks; its lush, super nice and all that.

No eloquent words of wisdom today, my brain hurts from scribbling too many things on notebooks and drafting haphazard emails in form of LFW ticket requests. 

Oh and i’m no longer going to Denmark. Yoda never had to explain himself, and so “needn’t not I do”. Or would that be “need not do I”?

Yoda was a smart one.