Cold in the Desert

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© cococollage

Best thing i’ve spent good bucks on this year. Can ya guess what it is.. I’ll leave you to it then shall I?

Turning my wardrobe inside out these last few months, ridding myself of unwanted items that have lost their touch, has made me feel superior somehow. Its relieving to know i’m not as dependent on the things I thought were attached to my bones. Call it therapeutic, cleansing, anything you like; downsizing keeps your taste and your thoughts in check.

In other news i’m learning sign language, again, the hard way(urgh my head hurts already).  And I’m morphing into a stone cold rocker, which I’m a-ok with. 

Might have a little something to do with Kings Of Leon keeping me company.Through soundwaves, meaning in spirit, so not like for reals. Duh!